Although I dont talk about my services,

I can honestly say that I love spending my time with a Gentlemen.



What I love

I love to love and I adore pleasure, if only for pleasure's sake. When I share that feeling with a like-minded individual, it's absolutely magical!



I especially enjoy longer engagements. You might want to consider one of these possibilities:

1) "Let's Get Acquainted!" A four-hour dinner date, with a dessert you'll never forget!!

2) "Let's Collaborate": We conspire to create the ultimate Portland evening of six hours. Drinks, dinner, and then dancing or a show is just one possible prelude to the best private time you've ever experienced!

3) "I'm All Yours All Night!": Sometimes saying good night leaves me wishing for about you?

If you prefer a full night of playing, caressing, laughing and drifting off to sexy dreams of the best wake up call you've ever received, let's spend the night together!

Other arrangements are possible...just ask!



I routinely travel with gentlemen for both business and pleasure. My age, my background, and my sense of adventure make me the perfect companion for any trip!
All suggested arrangements are available in all cities, I am pretty open with some minor exclusions. I will always consider a good offer.



I am often asked to assume roles, which I am happy to do and will even research for the occasion!

I believe in having (and giving) it all yet keeping it real. I am a passionate woman, not just a cookie cutter "experience".

Age Ranges

I do have an age range that I feel best with, and that is above 30 years old.


There is something to be said about men that need to be savored.  And I feel I am an OLD SOUL.

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