A girl who's eyes put a spell on every boy's mind.   


A smile that can melt a thousand hearts. A  beauty is more blinding than the sun, yet it falls into nothingness compared to the beauty of her  personality.


So much kindness to give, so much love to share. Funny but all so serious. So strong, yet so fragile and sensitive.


Like a flower so delicate, but only he who knows how to handle it with care can do its true beauty justice..

l am sweet, intelligent, fun and I love to travel. I have a sensual and passionate personality, always on time and attractive head to toe.

Being a breath of fresh air. I am 100% GFE and you will love how comfortable I can make you feel when you are with me. 


I really look forward to becoming your favorite distraction. 


Much of my fantasies involve knowing where to place my hands, my lips, my tongue, and my legs, but the reason you want to see me goes so far beyond the physical.


Your body will revel in my techniques; I know just what kind of pressure to apply, for how long, and just when to stop. I can give you wave upon wave of sensual pleasure. But there is more.


With my spirit and my mind, my less tangible tools, I can become your first kiss... or a torn out image from a Playboy magazine that you found when you were 9 years old, I can be your secretary, or your crush, your seventh grade math teacher who awoke your earliest desires.


I can recreate a blissful memory from your past, or create something more erotic than you ever imagined.


I will read you and discover just what you need, and when I do, I become your living, breathing, unflinching dream, and in this new state of intense arousal, your mind will join your body on its boundless flight where you will soar like a mountain eagle.




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